Support Functions

Our Support Team serves as the brain behind the operations of Fitness First. It is comprising individuals with multitude of talents, with offices in both London and Wigan. With expertise spanning marketing, digital, social media, HR, IT, customer service, and finance. Just as we work together to achieve our goals, we also sweat it out side by side, pushing each other to reach new heights.

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London Office
Advertising Salary
£27,000 per annum

Let’s Work (out) Together

At Fitness First, we believe that success isn't just achieved individually; it's a team game. Just as in sports and fitness, where the power of teamwork drives us toward victory, we value collaboration and unity within our organization. We see each member of our team as a vital player contributing to the overall success of Fitness First. When you choose to be a part of our team, you're not just taking a job; you're joining a fit community that's all about growth, wellness, and being the best, they can be. Together, we're not just getting stronger; we're building a secure and inclusive space where everyone can truly belong.